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Privacy and security in consumer electronics is (and has been) a big deal for a number of years although most consumers are not aware just how vulnerable they are. In most cases the lack of security is due to a lack of any real standard between devices combined with massive growth in the connected device market. For far too many years cellular communication has been left vulnerable while the market boomed. The same can be said for the phones and devices we use to communicate. These have so many holes and flaws in them that it is almost comical.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 11:10

Are Privacy services the next cash cow?

In the post Snowden world people are concerned about privacy (rightfully so). The revelation that the companies we have trusted with our personal information and data might be working with government agencies to catalog and track what we do and say is a sobering one. It also raises concerns about how to protect our individual rights moving forward. In many ways the public reaction is similar to what happened when the first widely distributed and harmful viruses hit the streets.

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