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Apple’s System Integrity Protocol (SIP) has been something of a mix bag when it comes to security. It is a great feature from a raw and basic security viewpoint, but the same feature also has created challenges for the installation of third-party anti-malware and other security tools since its launch. All that aside, Microsoft, of all people, has shared details on a vulnerability that can be used by attackers to completely bypass the protections that SIP is supposed to offer.

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Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella announced that the company's popular program for text, voice and video communication will get a supplement in the form of a universal translator. Skype translator should, according to him, be available during the second half of this year in versions for Windows 8.

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About a month ago a memo was “leaked’ by the DEA to CNET that started a storm of articles about how secure some online messaging systems were. The memo appeared to indicate the Apple’s iMessage service was so secure that it could not be broken by government agents. They claimed that they were not able to get message details or information. Sadly, the memo ended up making the DEA look incompetent and showed that it was just an attempt to sway public opinion on the need for more surveillance powers for law enforcement.

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