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Ok, so we took some license with the comment from Mr. Cook, but he attempted jab at Microsoft and Nokia is something that he probably should not have said. According to Tim Cook Nokia failed because they could no longer innovate: “I think [Nokia] is a reminder to everyone in business that you have to keep innovating and that to not innovate is to die.” To some this comment is an indication that Apple is still in the game and working on new and exciting products, to others it is something of a joke.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013 18:10

Smartphones to get the Virtual treatment


Smartphones are used every day all over the world by millions, with a large portion of those millions using them both for work and personal use.  The huge increase in the functionality of the telephone combined with the growing complexity of today’s workplace has forced a merger between the two worlds on the average device.  All that could be changing soon.

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