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In the wake of the Nokia purchase Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is taking a hard look at the way Microsoft is organized and will be making some rather drastic cuts in staff. This should not come as a big surprise to anyone that has been keeping up with events at the Redmond based Windows shop. Over the last few years Microsoft has tried to transform themselves from a software giant that owns a successful gaming console department to a devices and services company that looks a lot like Apple.

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Ed Fries, the father of the first Xbox said a few days ago that he likes the idea that every Xbox One is the same, because it is important for developers . According to him, problem with the previous version of the console (Xbox 360) was that some consoles were sold without hard drives. But now it looks like Fries did not know that his former colleagues at Microsoft are preparing a new, cheaper package of the Xbox One. From June 9, Kinectless Xbox One will go on sale.

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As part of the major reorganization of staff within Microsoft launched by new CEO Satya Nadella, several significant changes have been announced. By the end of this week the founder of Skype, Tony Bates and marketing director Tami Reller are expected to abandon the company.

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So there are more rumors about the next update to Windows. You know the one that is getting called Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update 1 or even Windows 8.1 Service Pack 1. Oh yeah and it is also the one that Microsoft will not even admit to working on. Well it seems that the latest one brings us back to the debate about the ModernUI and the start screen.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 12:59

New candidate for the CEO position at Microsoft

Sources close to the people who are engaged in the search for new executive director of Microsoft confirmed to Bloomberg that a new candidate has appeared. In fact, after 5 months of searching for a new boss, the team responsible for recruitment considers Hans Vestberg, the current chief executive of Ericsson.

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Alan Mulally, Ford's current CEO, has officially announced the withdrawal of his candidature for the future director of Microsoft. Mulally was so far mentioned in the media as one of the most likely successors to Steve Ballmer, even though he did not received the official offer for that position from Microsoft.

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Friday, 29 November 2013 19:11

Nadella or Mulally to become Microsoft's next CEO

According to the findings of Bloomberg, the committee which is selecting a new Microsoft's CEO is close to a final decision. The choice is narrowed and as the most likely candidates are mentioned Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013 14:50

Windows 8.2; Real or Troll?

If you have been on the internet then you have heard about the possibility of Microsoft releasing a new “fix” to Windows in the form of Window 8.2 This new release is supposed to be an extension of their work to revamp Windows 8 into something that consumers will actually want. Now, most people will acknowledge that Microsoft needs to make a large number of changes to Windows 8 to make it more palatable (and usable), but are they really working on an 8.2 release when they just pushed out 8.1?

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Friday, 15 November 2013 06:14

Is Kevin Turner Microsoft's next CEO

According to several unnamed sources some of them are speculating that Microsoft already knows the name of the future CEO which should replace Steve Ballmer. His name is Kevin Turner, the current COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the company. Although he was not previously published on the list of potential candidates, reportedly at Microsoft believe that Turner is an ideal temporary solution for a transitional period of several years.

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Steve Ballmer’s resignation was no shock to anyone that has been following Microsoft for the last few years. After far too many slips and mistakes the board and many investors felt it was time for Steve to go. Now the big talk is who will replace him underscored by a handful of rumors that Bill Gates might be the next guy be pushed out. If you look at each of these topics on their own you get a few interesting stories with some comedy thrown in for good measure. However, if you combine them you see a much more interesting picture being painted at Microsoft.

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