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It seems that WikiLeaks has managed to get itself back online despite the continued pounding form a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack that reached bandwidth gobbling heights of 10Gb/s. The group claiming responsibility has taken to calling themselves AntiLeaks. They claim that they are attacking the site because WikiLeaks founder and own Julian Assange is avoiding justice by hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK and has nothing to do with the release of Stratfor documents detailing a new monitoring technology developed by former CIA employees under the corporate name Abraxis.

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anonIn what has to be one of the most unusual “Get-The-Vote-Out” campaigns that I have personally seen it appears that Anonymous and the Occupy group are urging people to hold politicians accountable for their actions by voting them out of office.  While some in the media are calling this a first it is not the in reality. In multiple messages Anonymous has called on the public to hold their political leaders accountable. Their methods might be different at times, but this is also the beginning of the voting season in the US so the move really comes as no surprise.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 07:06

Stratfor Breach shows a much larger issue

broken-lockWhen we first started following the collective that is called Anonymous we noted that there would come a time when any breach or hack would be thrown at their feet. This has now started to happen as the media (who has never really understood the situation) attempts to appear informed on the social hacking that is taking place in the world today. On December 25th the group AntiSec (a group formerly part of Anonymous) hacked into the Strategic Forecasting Website and the servers behind it.

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