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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 05:55

THX sues Apple over speakers in their devices


THX has a patent titled "Narrow profile speaker configurations and systems", which they received in the 2008. Now they have concluded that in Apple's iPhone, iMac and iPad they used solution provided by this patent without permission, so, logically, have launched a lawsuit against Apple, because Apple inflicted damage with that move. The lawsuits seek monetary damages or payment of licenses, and that the court force Apple to stop violation of THX's patent.

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You know that place in your living room where the sound from the television or the music from your stereo is just right?  Where, if you’re anything like me, you find yourself leaning toward it, ever so slightly, during the good parts of a movie or standing in it when you’re playing good music.  That’s called the sweet spot.  No really, that’s a technical term.   The sweet spot is the place where the sound waves from whatever your audio setup includes come together like they’re supposed to.  It’s the spot where your 24-speaker 22.2 surround sound system does its job best, delivering the highs and lows in perfect balance.  I’ve been known to move my recliner to that spot in my living room when I was watching a movie alone.  The sweet spot in my house is a one-person affair. 

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Thursday, 05 August 2010 13:45

Asus Rampage III Formula Pictures and Information

Rampage_III_FormulaI love hearing about new technology and upcoming products. It is great to speculate on what we will get from these future devices. Today we have information on a very nice one. This is the latest from Asus’ ROG lineup. We have some very nice information and images of the upcoming Rampage III Formula.

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