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Times they are a changing... There once was a time when the FCC working to make sure that the cable companies were not trying to take advantage of consumers. We saw them push a series of regulations that prohibited the cable companies that were also ISPs from throttling bandwidth. These were followed by more regulations that prevented the same companied from favoring their own services when it came to traffic caps. It really looked like the consumer had a friend in the FCC. Unfortunately all of that changed in the last few months. We have seen them reverse some of the same decisions that they made only a year ago. Now they have done it again and are allowing cable companies to force you to pay rent on the set-top boxes that are required to view premium channels.

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Saturday, 04 August 2012 18:50

Google Fiber Starting Strong


Only one week was needed for Google Fiber to take off in Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri).  46 designated „fiberhoods“ were qualified for the service as it was reported on the Google Fiber site. A week ago Google's fiber-to-the-home network was announced offering speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second along with TV service. They started the project in neighborhoods that showed the most interest based on pre-registration for the service (and a US$10 fee).

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17The war for and against SOPA has once again heated up. We have already told you that the entertainment industry, content owners, and lawmakers are working very hard to push through legislation to get what they want (control of the internet as a means of distribution of their content). It does not matter that the simple act of do this violates many Civil Liberties or that it represents a violation of the very basic tenants of the existing Anti-Trust laws that we have. Now only a few days after Chris Dodd let slip that the MPAA is working to reopen SOPA (or something worse) we find that a new power lobby has sprung up from the ground to take the banner of censorship and wave it.

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