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According to relevant statistics, over 95% of ATMs in the world still uses Windows XP. Support for this OS ends in April, but the bank did not react in time.

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Monday, 13 January 2014 20:34

Windows 8.2 on the horizon?

Microsoft could announce another upgrade of Windows this spring, specifically of the last edition of Windows 8.1. At least, say Russian page Wzor, on which they released some photos of developmental versions.

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Monday, 21 October 2013 06:41

Weekend Update Woes For Windows 8.1 Users

Over the weekend all of the talk was about the issue with Microsoft pulling the Windows 8.1 RT update from their store. This update has been heralded as the “fix” for what ails Microsoft’s latest OS including the return of the start button (but not the start menu). However as the few people that own a Surface RT began the download there was a number of them that ended up with a broken tablet before the upgrade could complete. Microsoft, to their credit, reacted quickly and pulled the update from the store and within hours someone had provided a fix for people who had bricked their device.

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Friday, 18 October 2013 18:57

Android 4.3 comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4

A thing that most of the smartphone users love to see just came to Samsung Galaxy S4, of course, we are talking about new version of Android OS. The new update brings, along with corrected bugs, improved stability of the operating system.

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Monday, 08 July 2013 20:33

New FEZ patch incoming


Polytron's Fez, which appeared on Xbox Live in 2012, in a very short period of time won hearts of many players with its simple and fun gameplay, but his reputation was tarnished because of the patch, which withdrew recorded progress of quite a lot players, forcing them do play the game all over again.

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After showing that they were not willing to go down the same restrictive road that Microsoft was with their new console Sony has followed Microsoft down a different road… well sort of. Many of you will remember Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the red ring of death. Typically this was caused by overheating, but there were a few cases where an update appeared to herald a new round of dead consoles. Sony is copying this trend; not on purpose to be sure, but that is little comfort to owners of the PlayStation 3 that just installed the latest update.

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Friday, 10 May 2013 21:31

Another redesign for Google Play


If you use Android then Google Play is your main destination where you find new interesting, useful, fun application. Google Play has often changed appearance in recent years, (sometimes even the name, but with not so much success), so it's nothing extraordinary that they have once again decided to do a new redesign.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012 14:45

Sony Says, No Jelly Bean for some Xperia devices

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Like it was not enough that they pretty much ruined the basic version of Android with their apps and add-ons like Walkman, now Sony has announced that some of their Xperia devices won’t even get a Jelly Bean upgrade. This will certainly be more than disappointing for their usersand they can’t do anything but hope that things will change later in 2013. However, until early 2013 no changes will be made. Some of the devices will not be getting the update at all.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:22

Minecraft To Get An Update Soon


The newest major update for Minecraft on the PC is slated for October 24th, which is just around the corner! This update has been dubbed, in true end-of-October tradition, “The Pretty Scary Update”. If you are familiar with Minecraft, there are a number of features to this patch which make it very scary, especially if you have gotten used to monsters in the game being pushovers, and only dangerous en masse (with exception to the suicidal creeper, of course).

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