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Although not specifically related to technology we have some interesting information on the Kim Dotcom case. One of our Forum members Euonia posted a very interesting video that includes some new footage of the raid on Kim Dotcom’s home. When watching it we were more than a little shocked by the number of police vans, helicopters and other assets that were used to arrest Dotcom. Considering I can remember looking back on the raids I was on when working for DirecTV and I am shocked that they would use this level of force for a “low-level threat”

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73Well, we knew this would happen when we first heard about the case, but it seems that the lawyers defending MegaUpload have finally dropped the jurisdiction bomb on the US DoJ. The issue at hand is the same one that extended to the Pirate Bay when they were continually harassed by the content industry. If a corporation or individual does not commit the crime on US soil (or one of its protectorates) or have an agent that commits or assists in the commission of the crime they have no legal jurisdiction. In the case of MegaUpload they have no offices in the US and never have.

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