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Friday, 13 September 2013 06:45

New Facebook Policies Spark FTC Inquiry

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Facebook is a company that we all love to hate and is one that none of us seem to be able to get away from. Much like Google Facebook has become so big that they feel they can do what they want with impunity; at least in regards to their users’ data. Over the last few years Facebook has come under fire for a number of things they have done with user information and even things they publicly said they wanted to do with user information. The latest one involves their attempts to use your information including picture, name, and other identifying information for… well anything they want.

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When you think of Privacy issues two names come to mind; Facebook and Google. For some reason both of these companies feel they have the right to mess with their users’ right to privacy. In some cases, like Facebook, you see services that are set to opt-out suddenly popping up or a collection and use of personal data that is not clearly defined (like the use of personal pictures in ads). For Google this has been an ongoing issue and one that has gotten them into a great deal of trouble in the EU. Not that long ago Google was asked to fix this and it seems that they have not only maintained their course, but have also made things worse by their inaction

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Friday, 21 December 2012 21:46

Dropbox takes over Snapjoy


The Snapjoy service allows users to make their photos stored on one service and device such as smartphones and computers available in other places. Specifically, this free service based on cloud technology puts together photos from Instagram, Flickr, Picassa Web albums, computer (either a PC or a Mac) and iPhone. The photos from the combined album then can be shared via email, links and social networks. Now is looks like Dropbox is taking over Snapjoy and could assimilate the service into themselves.

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facebook_moneyWhen the movie “The Social Network” came out it depicted Mark Zuckerberg as a person with, let’s say, control issues. Both Zuckerberg and Facebook tried to play this down and say that he was and is not really like that. The problem is that time and time again the corporate personality injected into Facebook by Zuckerberg keeps rearing its massively ugly head.

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