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Sunday, 06 October 2013 12:46

Bioshock 2 moves to Steam

After the Games For Windows LIVE Marketplace was closed in August, many titles were left without adequate support, including BioShock 2. Therefore, the developers made some changes over the past few months and from yesterday BioShock 2 is available through Steam, including all content related to multiplayer and DLC Protector Trials.

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17As consumers are becoming less and less enchanted with their wireless carriers we are now hearing that Microsoft is trying to take a leaf from their book of tricks. With a wireless provider the way to get people in the door is to offer great phones (like the iPhone, Google Nexus, Galaxy III Etc) for amazing prices, but then to require a two year commitment for service. This is exactly what Microsoft might be doing with the next round or XboX hardware.

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microsoft-needed02Since the release of the customer preview program version of Windows 8 we have covered more than a few of its features, advantages, disadvantages and even where we feel that Microsoft is going with this new OS. The one thing that we have not fully covered is one of the things that we feel will be essential to the success or failure of Windows 8; business usage. With Microsoft’s earnings call out of the way we all know that the consumer market is not where Microsoft makes its money. Instead they make the most cash from their server products followed by business sales. If this is where they are hoping to make a bundle with Windows 8 there are some obstacles that might hinder this.

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