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There are a few laws that govern a modern market. One of the most basic is the law of supply and demand. If there is a short supply and a high demand prices will tend to go up. This is because the people that want these products are willing to pay more to get them. Apple is a master of this and calculates their launches to take advantage of this. On the other side of this coin is plentiful supply and low demand. Here, well you can imagine that people will do whatever they can to clear inventory.

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windows-phone-7Someone has made a rather bold prediction about Windows Phone. According to the International Data Corp Windows Phone will grab some 14% market share between now and 2016 to become the second most used Mobile Operating system. Now it might interest you to know that this bit of insight also predicts that Android will hit its peak of market share this year and slowly decline. It will maintain the number one spot, but with only about 53%.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 11:21

Former WebOS Developers move to Windows Phone 7

windows-phone-7It looks like the Death of the WebOS might be a big benefit to Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. After HP announced that they were killing this part of their business model off (along with their most of their Consumer Product division) many developers that were working on WebOS projects had nowhere to turn to and were probably a tad annoyed that they had invested in this technology and now were being left out in the cold.

Microsoft was right there though letting former WebOS developers know that if they were interested all they had to do was contact Microsoft and they would provide them with all of the Tools needed (Development Kits, Phones, and even training) to get things going under the Windows Phone banner. This was a smart move as, if the reports are to be believed, Microsoft is claiming that over 500 developers have contacted them.

We think that these rumors are more than likely true as many of these developers will want to offset their losses with some free help even if it is from Microsoft.

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