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untitledAs you might have noticed we have been following Windows 8 and all of the expected and unexpected features and pitfalls that it might bring to the market. So far we have found that the core of the OS appears to be pretty solid and while there is plenty of room for improvement, even the consumer preview version of the OS could be used as-is. Now this is great, but it is important to remember that Windows 8 is a split personality OS. Microsoft is trying to bridge two very different markets with a single product; Windows 8 for the x86/64 PC and Windows 8 on ARM (called Windows RT).

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We have had quite a bit on Microsoft’s next operating system here on the site including gaming performance, Internet Explorer 10 and the Metro UI (which we still do not particularly like). After tinkering around with Windows 8 and seeing the potential underneath we do get that even if Windows 8 is not a blockbuster it will change the way that the tablet market works forever.

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