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At the Windows Build conference Microsoft is all about pushing Window 8.1. This is the new release of Windows that Microsoft hope will capture the consumer imagination enough to finally bring sales back up. The question is (and always has been) has Microsoft really made any significant changes to the OS in areas that matter? We are talking about an OS that is just now (after almost a year) pushing past Windows Vista. Vista was almost as hated as the failed Windows ME which was another of Microsoft’s attempts to change the way they did things. Can Windows 8.1 really impact consumer perception of the OS? Sure there are some things to like, but it is unlikely that these changes will have a major impact.

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windows-phone-7Microsoft is once again betting on a losing horse. After failed attempted to form HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection) into every aspect of the Desktop with Windows Vista and failing to motivate people to buy the OS they are now pushing a UI that has failed to capture the markets imagination. The funny thing is that they are admitting to this and still cannot see what they are doing. As we have told you before, Microsoft tends to ignore what the public actually wants and seems to make business decisions based on what they think “should” work.

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