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Sunday, 11 September 2011 13:39

Asus' Rampage III Black Edition in the Lab

20Quite a while ago we talked to you about the virtues of the Asus Rampage III Black. This board can best be described as The Flagship of the Flagship Rampage III line. It has everything, wireless, Bluetooth, Overclocking, Tri-SLI and Crossfire-X. The design is sleek and sexy with plenty of options for overclocking, gaming, audiophiles and more beside. It is one of those boards that people are just going to want. Well now that we have had a chance to play with this board we are going to let you know about how it performs. So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride as we test the Asus Rampage III Black.

Thursday, 23 June 2011 20:23

A Contest, a new Contest!

P6X58DOK I have been promising this for some time now and it is about time that I got moving on it. Decryptedtech is having another giveaway. After the response we got from the 6950 giveaway (where we made you work for it). We decided to add something to this one. In the next three reviews you will find words that are in bold. When you put these words together they will form a question; that is one question for each review. The questions should not be too hard but will vary in topic (Cake or Death?). Once you have all three answers just be the first to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Oh yeah, I suppose you would like to know what I am giving away huh? Well I am giving away an Asus P6X58D Premium brand new still in the box. This contest is open North American residents only due to export taxes and restrictions. Keep checking here, our facebook page and also twitter for when these reviews hit the net. Good luck!

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02GOOC Round one has jsut finished up; we have seen the fastest scores for WPrime and PiFast. Next up is Max Mem and SuperPi. Things have been a little dicey here with the power dropping out a couple of times. This was quickly resotred and the fun went on.

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Thursday, 05 August 2010 13:45

Asus Rampage III Formula Pictures and Information

Rampage_III_FormulaI love hearing about new technology and upcoming products. It is great to speculate on what we will get from these future devices. Today we have information on a very nice one. This is the latest from Asus’ ROG lineup. We have some very nice information and images of the upcoming Rampage III Formula.

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08-boardAs another product comes down off of the bench we get to crack open new one. This time we break open the Asus Rampage III Gene. This Micro ATX motherboard is the baby brother to the Rampage III Extreme and has some of the same core features, just in a smaller package.  The smaller size makes it perfect for installation into portable LAN party cases. With a retail price of about $230 (about $150 less than the Rampage III Extreme) it could be an amazing deal if the features and performance are even close to its big brother. Let’s tear open the box shall we?

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Ah it is always nice when the FedEX, UPS or DHL truck stops in front of the house. They bring the gear that keeps me busy in one of the best jobs for a geek. Today’s Delivery listing will also include the toys that were dropped off yesterday by another FedEx truck and a UPS truck in the afternoon. So let’s kick it off with the first delivery.

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