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In an unsurprising move Intel has kicked out a new SoC (System on Chip) that bears the label Xeon. The Xeon D 1500 family is intended as to be a one-chip solution for networking devices, storage appliances and micro-servers. The Xeon D also has functions to assist with compute operations which should make it pretty versatile.

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Monday, 23 December 2013 06:20

New Mac Pro sold out in 2 days

Apple picked the best time to launch their new Mac Pro. After several months of advertising and solicitation of users, on 19th December they finally allowed users to order their own copy.

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Saturday, 03 November 2012 20:28

Ivy Bridge-E to remain at six cores?


Intel's Extreme Edition version of Ivy Bridge for LGA2011 socket could be very similar to the existing Sandy Bridge-E. Although the latter has up to eight physical cores (according to some CPUS in the Xeon E5 line) and up to 20 MB of L3 cache, the commercial version of the Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 inside the line has six active cores and up to 15 MB of cache.

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AMD logo

Irony is one of those things that you really have to savor. We are sure that both Intel and AMD are savoring the irony of AMD launching a new line of servers running Intel Xeon E3-1260L CPUs. The new server will be sold by AMD’s wholly owned subsidiary Seamicro, but we all know that AMD is the name behind it all. AMD bought Seamicro last year primarily for their interconnect technology, but we are also sure their rising server business was a bonus.

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AMD_logoYou know, there is a certain irony when a company brags about a product that contains their competitor’s hardware. Unfortunately for AMD that is exactly the position they are in right now. AMD recently bought the company Seamicro (for a hand sum) for the purposes of gaming their interconnect technology. Intel picked up Cray’s interconnect unit shortly after, but there is talk that their deal pre-existed the AMD one. However, regardless of who bought what first AMD bought the whole company while Intel only picked up a certain division.

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News_PR_Machine-1776There used to be a thing called truth in journalism. It meant that when you published an article you should at the very least check your facts if you are presenting it as “news” in the world of editorial articles things are different as an editorial is nearly always an opinion based article with some facts thrown in for furn. What has happened though is that with the introduction of Blogs, Fan Sites and other venues for information some of the fact checking has gone out the window in the effort to be the first to report on a juicy bit of news. When an article hits one of the big sites it often gets spread around the net and becomes the “truth” simply by means of repetition. We have watched this many times (and it is something that Apple’s PR and marketing thrive on).

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 23:46

AMD and Intel Show off New Server CPUs

serversAt Supercomputing 2011 both Intel and AMD showed off their latest in HPC (High Performance Computing). From AMD we got a look at their new Bulldozer based. These new CPUs will ship in 8 and 16-core varieties. The 16-core flavor called the Opteron 6200 will also have four memory channels (like the Intel 3960X), 1MB of cache per core (level 2), and will top out at 3.3GHz. The 8-Core version will be the Opteron 4200 and will only have two memory channels, but will still have 1MB of L2 cache per core and a top clock speed of 3.3GHz.

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