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YouTube and copyright has been a controversial subject since they first hit the internet. The problem is who is liable for copyright infringement. Is it the poster or the service? The copyright gang would love to tell you it is both. They want the chance to go after the individuals and also to be sure to get financially compensated by the service provider. Sadly in the US the courts are siding with the copyright cartels for a multitude of reasons (none are based on how technology works though). In EMEA, well things are a tad different over there.

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Monday, 25 August 2014 16:22

Amazon Buys Twitch... but to what end?

Hey, remember all of those rumors that YouTube would by live streaming service Twitch? Well it looks like all of that might have been wrong. According to a new report uncovered by the Wall Street Journal it is not YouTube or Google that is buying up Twitch, it is Amazon. This is something of a departure from what most analysts felt was going to happen within the company. A lot of people felt the marriage of Twitch and YouTube was one that made sense even if there was reluctance on the part of the community.

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Friday, 25 July 2014 06:31

YouTube's Purchase of Twitch Confirmed...

The long rumored acquisition of game-streaming service Twitch by Ad-Giant Google has finally been confirmed, in what is looking to be a $1Billion deal. The original rumor surfaced back in May of this year when an article appeared in Variety. There were rumors that Microsoft and even Facebook were also looking into a purchase.

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As you have probably read over the last couple of month, ok really years, ISPs (internet service providers) have really been pushing to offset the cost of maintaining and even upgrading their networks. To be perfectly honest we can see some of their point. I mean maintaining a network that has hundreds of thousands of connections cannot be easy or inexpensive. There is a lot of money and manpower needed to make any significant changes when it comes to many of the ISP level networks out there.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014 15:41

Can we expect YahooTube this summer?

In the world of user created videos the big name is YouTube followed by Vimeo. Using either of these can be quite fun and, if you are a business, very lucrative. However, both have their downsides to them as anyone that has used them ca attest. Many of these issues seemed to show up right after Google bought YouTube although to be perfectly honest some of them (odd rankings, copyright problems etc) were always present with the service. However, most of us have been stuck with one or both of these services simply because there is no alternative with the same user base and reach.

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The world's largest online video service, Google's YouTube announced that it will introduce a control system which will monitor the number of hits for the videos posted there. This is the reaction to more frequent suspicion that certain users artificially inflate the number of visits to their videos - either through automatic redirection to another page or simply buying visits.

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Adblock Plus, a popular application for blocking various advertising content that lavishes users on the Internet, is launching a new option to block unwanted content on popular social networks. Through special additives that can be found on the website YouTube Customizer, it is possible to block YouTube features that are not desirable.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 11:28

Redesigned Youtube app for Android


Google has redesigned the Android YouTube app and now interface greatly resembles the Google Play store. On the left side tehre is still the previously known menu where you can navigate through your subscriptions and recommendations, while the rest of the interface is presented in the form of cards.

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Monday, 12 August 2013 17:25

Youtube coming to Google Glass


Google's smart glasses in the current phase are ideal for taking photos and video, but so far have not proved suitable for their viewing. When Google started shipping the first copies of the developer version of glasses to developers and users that had preordered it, they wanted to get as much feedback possible,based on which it would be easier to move in the right direction, which leads to release of the final version of Google Glass, which is expected during the 2014.

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In eight years of existence, YouTube has achieved the results about which its founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, all of them former employees of PayPal, probably would not even dare to dream. According to the latest information that the service posted on the occasion of the eighth anniversary on YouTube's official blog, at this moment, every minute on YouTube servers 100 hours of video are being uploaded.

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