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Nothing makes a Friday fun like hearing about a brand new form of Malware. Well that is what we have for you on today. It seems that an RSA researcher was picking around the darker places on the Internet and stumbled upon a new bit of malware that, if real, could be a serious problem in the near future. RSA researcher Eli Marcus is calling the new malware Pandemiya and claims that it is 25,000 lines of previously unused code.

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Thursday, 05 September 2013 19:32

The World's first 3D copy machine


3D printing is becoming more and more popular every day, and even though there are many controversions about it, looks like there is nothing to stop it. There are several 3D printer manufacturers on the market so it was just a matter of time when the first 3D copy machine will arrive, and that day has come.

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News_manstealingdataMicrosoft has scored a fairly important (if somewhat small) victory over some of the real cyber criminals out there. This morning they announced that through a joint effort with the US Marshals, Multiple Financial organizations they were able to bring two Zeus botnets down over the weekend. This was accomplished by seizing the command and control servers for this particular group. The Zeus family of malware has been responsible for millions of dollars in losses due to the theft of banking information.

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