Tuesday16 August 2022

Taking a delicious look at the Charbroil Simple Smoker Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The Simple Smoker arrived in a very large box as you might expect. As this was a direct shipment to us there was no marketing material on the outside of the box. Inside the Simple Smoker was safe and secure with multiple Styrofoam inserts to keep is secure inside the box. There was also a plastic bag to protect the nice pint job from incidental scratches. Inside the Simple Smoker were all of the remaining parts. The two baskets, one for the main meat and a second one for vegetables or side dishes, a basket hook so you do not burn your hands, a tray for drippings, the wood-ship holder, two removable half-shelves, and a temperature probe. Pretty much everything you need to get started… except the wood you will be using for flavor.

SimpleSmoker 1 SimpleSmoker 2 SimpleSmoker 3

Other than removing packing material there is very little you have to set up. You do have to attach the handles on the sides, but that only takes about 5 minutes and is not any issue.

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