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The 500 Lb Search Engine Gorilla

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Everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine around. Its role as such is so prolific that people no longer 'search' for information on line, they 'google' it. It has become a verb; a regular household name. But just how BIG is Google?

According to ComScore, Google has around 66% of the market share. Microsoft is at 16%, and Yahoo is close behind at 13%. These are the top 3 companies, and even if they combined forces, they wouldn't be a match for Google. Speaking of underdogs, is around 3%, and AOL is just a hair over 1.5% of the search market.

These percentages roughly translate into advertising profit. As a company's percentages drop, so does their revenue, making it harder to increase their search volume. The search market was far more diverse a decade ago, but, are we worse off? Perhaps that's a question to Google.

What do you think?

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