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The EU Will Vote on ACTA This Week, Time To Make Your Voice Heard

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The_Mouth_of_SauronThe EU Parliament will be voting on ACTA this week. If you have been living under a rock lately ACTA (Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement) is a US backed bit of legislation that wants to establish better control over the internet for copyright holders. The agreement has been the subject of controversy not only for the oppressive terms, but also for the secretive way in which it has been presented. In many cases only certain members of a country’s government have been given access why the copyright lobbies have had full access and a hand in setting it up.

It was not until fairly recently that many parts of ACTA were brought out for public scrutiny and even then it took quite a bit of public outcry to get it there. In fact the secrecy that the US Trade Representative has led to several experts on copyright and constitutional law to speak out against it (and also TPP) saying that the USTR and the President do not have the power to enter this type of agreement as it represents a treaty and requires oversight by the Senate before the US can be bound to its terms. This has not stopped the USTR from continuing with ACTA and the secret negotiations that are happening.

In the EU Citizens’ rights groups and “Pirate” Parties in different countries are urging people to voice their opposition. In the UK the Pirate Party there is going to support protests against ACTA. We know that groups like Anonymous will also be urging others to speak out in opposition of this agreement. To use the words of the French La Quadrature Du Net:

“Citizens have a decisive influence on the debates in the European Parliament. We must keep expressing our views to the committee members, during both the opinion votes and the final report's vote, to ensure that the Parliament has no other option during the plenary than to massively reject ACTA. A massive and clearcut rejection, carried by a strong citizen mobilization, will pave the way for a much needed positive copyright reform.”

This is the only real way to stop and to curtail agreements like this. Everyone should show their opposition to this agreement across the globe. If it passes it will only lead to further control of the internet which has become a very powerful tool for the sharing of ideas culture.


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