Sunday05 February 2023

The Flappy Bird returns

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Flappy Bird is irritatingly difficult, yet addictive game. For some time it was available for the mobile platforms, but the author decided to move it from all the official stores a month ago.

Apparently Dong Nguyen from Vietnam could not cope with the burden of fame. Once the game became popular, his "simple life" was destroyed, and photographers and journalists swarmed his parents' house where he lived. He said that his desire was not creating a dependency that occurred in some, but the game should be used for entertainment. Nguyen acknowledged that he himself was somewhat dependent on Counter Strike, and knows what he's talking about.

However, he is now considering returning the game, but with a warning to players to regularly take breaks. Since he was making around $50,000 a day from ads, the comeback was somehow expected. How the game is addictive and whether the claims about creating dependency are exaggerated, anyone can try out since there are hundreds of clones of the game.

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