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Monday, 15 October 2012 20:19

The Future of Microsoft

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Microsoft has fallen from the position of the biggest technology company on the block. That title now belongs to Apple. As such, they have had to adjust their market strategy. As the PC market has matured, and aged, new technologies have come to replace the desktop, and even the laptop. Tablets, phablets, and smart phones are all the rage, and are good at what they do. To make a bad situation worse (for Microsoft), Apple now has a 12% share of the PC market, up from 3% 10 years ago.

Windows 2000 was one of the most poorly received systems to date , followed by the great success of Windows XP. Vista was next, and no one seemed to like it. Windows 7 came out and redeemed its little brother, fixing most of its problems. Their most recent operating system, slated for release later this month, should be a flop, if the pattern holds true. It isn't difficult to imagine this happening, when one considers that Windows 8 is primarily designed for Tablets and other mobile devices. This isn't likely to be welcomed by the more 'conservative' Windows users.

The gamble for Microsoft comes from the fact that they have a lot at steak, all hinging on this operating system. The fate of the Windows Tablet, “Surface”, for instance. Microsoft has actually built their own manufacturing plant in China to ensure they have complete control over these devices. So, if the flag ship devices fail, they will have to scramble to find another purpose for this plant, or some other way to stop the hemorrhage of capital.

This is also a territory that Apple has a solid foothold in. When people think of Tablets, the first to come to mind is almost unanimously the iPad. To the lay person, an iPad isn't just a tablet, it is the tablet. Other tablets aren't like a tablet, but rather, like the iPad. Microsoft has decided to try and invade Apple's home territory, while perhaps neglecting its PC/Laptop base. One does have to wonder if Microsoft is trying to get out of a sinking ship, realizing that Mobile computing is the definite future. Or perhaps, they are maneuvering simply to have a more balanced offering in the marketplace. Tell us what you think of Microsoft's new direction

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