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The Guild Wars 2 era has begun

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If you ask MMO players which MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) is the best you will always have 2 groups, one of World of Warcraft (WoW) fans and one of Guild Wars (GW) fans. Of course there is a lot of subjectivity like in every other battle of two sides, but based on the experience of some friends that played both WoW and GW here are some of the facts. Guild Wars has much faster gameplay, for example when you want to go from one town to another you just go to map and click on town you want to go to, and bam, you are there. Also there is a lot of praise for Guild Wars PvP, which is made very tactical and extremely well organized, balanced and also rewarding. You can imagine GW as and MMO Diablo in some sort because it's very action packed, there are lots of fast fights, with a nice and clear interface.

Today on August 25th people that preordered Guild Wars 2 could start playing with a 3-day head start. So when I woke up today to say regards to my friends on our voice chat since we won’t play anything together for the next few months (I do not play GW2) what I found out is a bunch of angry, miserable gamers. Apparently as soon as 8:00 GMT arrived the GW2 servers were completely swarmed, which of course make them completely non-responsive. The thing is that everyone wanted to reserve their nickname as soon as possible, and that is possibly the main reason why everything went wrong. The GW2 staff responded quickly on their official twitter that they are working on login problems and after nearly 10 hours the game become playable.

This is not the first time an issue like this has happened; apparently this is pretty common for every new MMO launch. Even mighty Blizzard had the same issues with WoW at first. In GW2 more races became available to play with (Asura, Charr, Sylvari, Norn), also a new combat game type has arrived, massive world vs. world vs. world, where people from 3 different servers will fight and the server with the most wins will receive certain boosts. Beside that the GW2 world is completely open now, which means there won’t be only instances but you can go freely around the world and solve quests. Dynamic event is also a new thing in GW2 that will affect the whole world. For example if you defend a farm from Centaur raiders, and you kill the whole wave of them, another one will come if you do not go and destroy the war camp which they come from. It is also possible to spawn some gigantic world-bosses while destroying it. This was made to avoid a boring quest route (receive quest, perform quest, return for reward) and so far feedback is very positive.

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