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The most pirated movies of 2012

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Among the various charts that are published at the end of each year, the piracy scene also has its own. Among other things, in the domain of the TV series the most pirated one was Game of Thrones. The most used torrent sharing site is, as expected, The Pirate Bay followed by Torrentz and Kick Ass Torrents.

The Portal TorrentFreak also recently published a list of top 10 most pirated movies in 2012 downloaded via BitTorrent. This seems somewhat surprising, because it is not full of the biggest box-office hits of the year. This would seem to indicate that people often choose to download titles for which they do not believe to be worth watching in the theater; however they are interesting enough to watch a pirated copy.

In first place is the movie Project X which barely passed earnings of $100 million at the box office, and on this list it's a movie with the lowest earning for the year. However, the pirated copy was downloaded about 8.72 million times. If we calculated that the cost of cinema tickets in average$10, it would mean that the amount of damages inflicted by piracy distributors of this film is at least 436 million in case that one copy is seen by one user.

[Ed – It is no secret that one of the biggest motivators of piracy is simply the cost of seeing a movie or buying a game weighed against the increasingly horrible products that are being pushed out. When the average game will set you back $60 for a couple of hours of game time (not including online play) you have to wonder what it going on. In fact if you look at games like Black Ops 2 you can see why someone might not want to shell out the cash for it. We found around 30% of game time ended up being cut scenes. This is even worse for movies that are not only getting shorter, but also less intelligent and not worth going to the theaters to see. A recent trip to the theater to see the Hobbit resulted in $11 per person ($33 total) $18 for two drinks and a bottled water, on top of this we needed $5.00 for parking and that is just for the movie! We will say the movie was very good I am not sure if it was worth the money we paid. If the movie and game studios would adjust  their prices they we would probably see a healthy decrease in piracy, sadly profits will always come first…]

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