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The rise of the Smart TVs

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According to market research company Gartner, nearly 85% of televisions manufactured in 2016 will have integrated capabilities for Internet access. Principal research analyst at Gartner, Paul O'Donovan said “In the end, the choice may be all about the extra content that one TV brand offers over another. Consumers will be asking questions such as, which Internet TV services can the TV access? Are these the sites I think are valuable? Can I use my smartphone or tablet with this TV?”

Production of "smart" TVs with built-in Internet access and the ability to run various applications will increase from this year's 69 million to 108 million next year and in 2016 should grow to 198 million pieces. According to Gartner’s predictions "smart" televisions will increasingly have a dual role, the provision of classic television content and access to the Internet content. However, estimates also say that in 2016 classic paid television services will continue to provide the most premium content, such as new movies, series, sports events and other content that will be immediately available via the Internet.

Gartner also says that the "smart" functions will themselves boost sales of TVs, but it will depend on which services and applications a manufacturer decides to offer to the users. “With connectivity to smartphones and tablets comes the ability to pull content from the Internet on one device and push that content to the TV. For those TV manufacturers that also make smartphones and tablets, the marketing advantage of the smart TV makes educating the consumer a lot easier” Donovan concluded.

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