Sunday05 February 2023

The Word “flappy” is now considered as a spam by Apple and Google

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After Dong Nguyen released the Flappy Bird game, it has gained considerable popularity, which on a daily basis generated $50,000 in revenues from ads. How popular has it become you can see by many used smartphone on sale whose users among other specifications emphasize the installation of the Flappy Bird and sell their smartphones for much bigger price that they would do it without the game.

These events have “forced” other developers to try to make clones of popular games. Now there are many game clones which in a short time occupied the first place in the App Store and Google Play store by the number of downloads. To put an end to such occurrences Google and Apple have decided to block every game whose title contains the name of “Flappy“.
Apple’s new attitude was first felt by the developer of the company Mind JuiceMedia, Ken Carpenter, whose game “Flappy Dragon” was rejected with the note that it is copy of the existing application. Same thing happen to Kuyi Mobile, which had their game rejected by the Google Play Store for the same reasons. Ken Carpenter tried to re-publish the same game, but this time with a changed name and underwent the same treatment, after only a few hours, game was once again removed.

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