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Toshiba to completely take over OCZ by January 2014

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During yesterday an agreement was reached between Toshiba and CAA, by which Toshiba buys OCZ's technology related to solid state disk drives.

Toshiba has signed an agreement to provide $35 million which will ensure smooth operations during the sale of the company for OCZ. Also, Toshiba with this acquisition gets unrestricted access to OCZ's SSD technology which includes controllers, firmware, software, and their development team. In addition, Toshiba has the right to use the built brand and existing sales channels.

Although the agreement in principle is reached, the end of the story will start only in January of 2014, when it is expected that Toshiba will complete the take over.

[Ed - When OCZ announced their bankruptcy we also heard about the announcement from Toshiba. It was not unexpected as OCZ had been trying to get bought for some time. When the deal with Seagate fell through they resorted to more extreme measures. Now they are out from under their debt and Toshiba will get a solid portfolio of SSD and flash memory technolgy...]

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