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Twitter also wants to follow us on the web

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Twitter on their blog publicly announced their intent to use "cookies" in the browser, which will be installed on users' computers, and will be used for their monitoring. Of course, the basic idea is that this service will give them data on the habits of users so they could sell them to companies later, who will then be able to create personalized deals.

Twitter in their post cites the example of a flower shop that wants to advertise on Twitter for Valentine's Day. Florist can access Twitter and share their encrypted e-mail address (hash) or use a browser cookie ID. Twitter may then use their cookie or email address to scan the find users wit the same interest. After that Twitter will compare the information with the accounts and display their promotional tweets related to Valentine's Day.

All this is not new, because such practices are already used by many services, search engines and networks such as Google and Facebook, but so far Twitter has not dealt with them in this way. Twitter post says that the service will be launched in the U.S., but does not specify when it will expand to the rest of the world. To immediately calm down the members that will surely not like this change, Twitter wrote that "Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones" because the basic idea, as they say, is that their customers are shown more "useful" ads.

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