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Ubisoft's Elmond Blogs About Division

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Antoine Elmond from Ubisoft on his official blog answered a few of the most common questions related to The Division. Elmond clarifies that PvP elements in The Division will play a very significant role. Specifically, conflicts between players in The Division will certainly affect New York, where the action is happening. This basically means that a correct cooperation between players can lead to a gradual recovery of certain neighborhoods. On the other hand, the constant conflicts between belligerent groups and individuals will throw the whole environment into even more chaos.

The open world of The Division also offers a variety of challenging scenarios, as well as fluid cooperative mode, and there is a variety of options through which everyone will be able to customize their characters to their own taste. Ubisoft has confirmed literally thousands of different combinations of weapons, equipment and skills that will make each character quite unique.

The Division continues to be officially confirmed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the Ubisoft once again says that other platforms are not definitely written off.

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