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Ubuntu Touch coming to Android devices

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After the attempt to make their own smartphone and the inglorious end of that great idea, Canonical did not give up from their plan to connect the PC and phone.

Canonical has decided to continue working on the project, and the product of their work bears the name Ubuntu Touch. Users will be able to install it on existing Android devices.  For the impatient ones that eagerly want to give a new spark to their Android devices, Canonical has finally announced the date when users will be able to download the free installation of Ubuntu Touch; October 17th.

If the date looks familiar, the most probable reason is because Canonical already announced the release of a new version of Ubuntu Linux called Saucy Salamander 13.10 on the same date.

[Ed – it is too bad that Ubuntu did not gain a bigger following when they were working on their phone OS. However as we have seen before “Linux” does not have the best reputation in the market. Although most people do not realize that Android is based on Linux and that operating systems like OSX and iOS are based on a similar operating system (BSD or FreeBSD depending on which version). Still there is a stigma for the general public over Linux. It is seen as too complicated or as a “hacker” OS. None of this is true, but it will take a while before Linux can break back into the regular consumer's heart. Perhaps the new push for gaming on Linux will be the catalyst that does it.]

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