Wednesday07 December 2022

Unique Google+ URL for everyone, well almost everyone

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From this week, Google introduced a novelty on its social network Google+, which is on the other networks like Twitter or Facebook known for a long time. Specifically, (almost) all users will be able to choose your own unique URL that leads to their profile in the format

This option until now was only available to certain famous people and companies, but now it will be available to "regular" users. However, in order to have personalized URL users should meet several conditions. The user must have at least 10 followers, the account must be at least 30 days old and must have profile picture. In addition, the account must first be verified via mobile phone.

But even all this is not enough to choose their own unique web address profile. Specifically, Google+ will allow users complete freedom in the selection, but at the registration they will be only able to choose one of the names Google+ suggests. And even then Google reserved the right to require the user to add a few more characters in the URL so that it is "completely unique."

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