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Unlocked iPhone 5 prices available

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So if you are still nervous about the new iPhone, and want to buy it ASAP here are the official prices of unlocked models. 16GB version will go for $649, 32GB one for $749 and last one 64GB for $849. All of the devices are unlocked so you won’t have to sign a 1 or 2 year contract with any carriers. This is desirable if you want to swap to another network in case they just popped up a new super attractive offering. Also this means that you will be able to use iPhone on the T-mobile network who is working on deploying the 1900 MHz spectrum which should help iPhone achieve some of the fastest mobile broadband speeds.

All version of the new iPhone will have support US and Canadian 700 MHz LTE networks and will also support both the Sprint and Verzion LTE network respectively. Just to remind you, the prices on a two year contract with carriers will be lower, but you are then obliged to stay with them for quite some time. You can get the 16GB version for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399. Of course everyone will take what they need, some may find the perfect contract option for them and will gladly stay with same carrier for a longer period of time, while others like to try out different providers or maybe don’t need the same type of service for a two year period.
iphoneThe new stretched iPhone will hit stores this Friday at 12:00 AM Pacific Time, so if you are interested be sure to get your device fast. It will feature the new Lightning connector and new EarPods, the iPhone 4(S) won’t be getting any of the new peripherals whatsoever, but if you really want them on your older you can get the EarPods for $29.00, a Lightning to USB cable for $19.00 and Lightning to 30-pin adapter for $29.00 ($39.00 for 0.2m version). That's around $80 just for peripherals, so maybe that's the reason Apple is giving them only with their new model. Of course the actual price of these could be quite lower, but hey they have the bitten apple on them and that's enough to pump up the price.

[Ed – Apple’s choice to change the adapter and to maintain control over it has annoyed a few people that wanted the new iPhone, but also have older peripherals. The feeling is that having to pay extra money just to be able to keep the toys they have is a tad obnoxious. We are not talking about the hard core Apple fans, but the average consumers that like their iPhones because they like the iOS, iTunes, and what the iPhone brings (not to mention the overabundance of accessories. The annoyance will probably be short lived, but it could be enough to stunt initial sales of the iPhone 5. On the other hand the fact that Apple is offering an unlocked iPhone already is an interesting move and could mean that Apple could be concerned about sales, but it could also just be a move to make more money as well.]

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