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Velve OLED from Verbatim

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Velve OLED

Verbatim has introduced a series of Velva OLED modules with adjustable colors and optional damping, which offer lumination without glare at an intensity of up to 2,000 cd/m2, which is more than twice you could get so far. They are used to create ambient lighting in everyday architectural applications for decorative or functional purposes.

Users get the soft light, integrated calibration and uniform distribution of light from panel to panel, with no pronounced points, or embarrassing flare intensity. Weighing only 193 grams, while providing light plane ina shape of squaresof 123 mm being just 8.7 mm thick. The unit also includes process control block located on the back of each panel.

Modules are now using a system based on red, yellow and blue (RYB) color as the Verbatim creates a brighter and better mix of colors than is the case with systems based on red, green and blue (RGB) color.

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