Wednesday29 March 2023

Vimeo is showing off their solution for copyright protection

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Years after similar technology was implemented by their main competitor, YouTube, Vimeo has unveiled its tools to combat illegal video content. This video service introduced a system called Copyright Match, which is used to protect copyrights. In line with its policy to encourage the setting up of original and high-quality video content, the new service will fight distributing pirated content such as TV series, movies, or sporting events, without obtaining copyrights for them.

But, as they came up with this service with rather large delay in Vimeo have decided to turn things into their advantage. They claim to have corrected all the flaws that similar competitive system have, obviously pointing at YouTube Content ID. Vimeo will in case they reveal a video that is matching with the copyrighted one, alert the user who violates that right via e-mail first.

The user will then have the right to explain the situation and possibly provide evidence that he acquired the right to publish the contents, and only if that fails, the content will be removed. If it is a violation of the music copyrights, Vimeo will offer user to replace the soundtrack from his video with from their rich collection.

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