Tuesday29 November 2022

Virus records your phone calls on Android devices

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android trojan

It is no longer a secret that along with the development of operating systems for smart phones, viruses, hacks and other malicious software for them is also developed. We could almost say that the viruses from the computer are moving to mobiles. One of the latest pieces of malicious software that was detected by specialists from CA Technologies is a Trojan horse that is able to record all your phone calls and store them on hacker’s servers.

The Trojan is activated only if you install it on your phone and allow it access to various services, so you can reasonably ask who is so silly that they will install something like that; CAT says - many. The Trojan hides itself in the form of an application that looks interesting and harmless, but when the users are asked to give access to specific services, without thinking, they hit OK "by default". Another way is if someone borrows your cell phone and then "accidentally" gives permission for conversation recording.

Once the Trojan is installed, all of your conversation will be recorded on a server in the form of ARM files and whoever "planted" the virus will be able to record all of your conversations or just listen to it as much as he/she wants. As for protection, just be careful what applications you install, what permissions you give them and especially where you give up your mobile phone. Also there are mobile antivirus apps that you can find on Google Play and it's not bad to install one.

[Ed – we have talked about this at length before and will probably end up talking about it again. Too many people feel like their phones are safe and they tend to install more applications than they reasonably need including some that are very suspicious. In the end malware will become the big money making machine that it is for the PC, you will end up paying one side or the other…]

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