Saturday28 January 2023

Watch Dogs finished and ready for the release

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The development of the upcoming Watch Dogs has come to an end and the game is finally sent to duplication so it can arrive on time to the shops around the world - Ubisoft has confirmed this on the official blog by dismissing the slightest possibility of further delays.

Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin wrote on the blog that it is exciting to have a finished game, but it will be even more exciting once people start playing it. He also added that the development team does not consider this process fully completed until the game shows up in the hands of players. Watch Dogs according to the original plans in the market should arrive on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Ubisoft in October last year decided to move the release date to avoid quality compromises. Now they have officially confirmed that the game will run on PS 4 in 900p resolution, while the Xbox One will be able to pull 792p at 30 frames per second on both console, number we would like to see a bit higher.

The game will be available on store shelves from May 27, for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, while the Wii U version should arrive in the fall.

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