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We test the DryCASE and DryBUDs Sport in the Intercoastal Waterway... Featured

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01During our trip to CES 2012 we managed to stumble across some cool technology. Some of this was in the form of gadgets, while some was more about supporting the gadgets and extending what they can do. One of these products was DryCASE. DryCASE makes exactly that, a case intended to keep everything inside of it dry. The demo for this product was pretty impressive; we contacted them and asked about performing our own review on this product.

After a few days the DryCASE arrived at our lab along with an extra bonus; a set of water proof earphones. We already had a trip planned to Tomoka State Park which is right on the Intercostal Waterway here in Florida. We took the dry case and DryDUDS Sport headphones along with us to see if it would work in the muddy, brackish waters of the Intercostal.
The DryCASE and DryBUDS Sport came in a typical plastic clamshell container. Inside we found the DryCASE (large enough to fit an iPhone, iPod, Android Phone etc.) an arm strap, a sticker, and what looked like the end of a turkey baster…  

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Now the concept of the DryCASE is simple, it is a water tight bag that has a one way air valve on the side that lets you create a vacuum so you can keep your electronics safe, but still use them. Most of us have done something similar with a freezer bag before. Where DryCASE improves on this is that the opening has secure and water tight locks. You also have that one way air valve to make sure you get all of the air out. Now both of these would be very nice, but DryCASE went an extra step; they put in a combination headphone/microphone jack also water tight and sealed to make any phone you put in here still very usable.

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DryCASE also sent us their DryBUDs Sports headphones. These are over-the-ear style headphones with an in-ear style speaker. The combination of the two make sure that the headset will stay in place when in use (they would be great to kayaking). You also get four different sized ear pieces to make sure they are a comfortable fit.
Now all of this is nice, but there is nothing like a real demonstration; so take a look as we put our EVO 3D inside the DryCASE and trust it to keep it safe as we drop it into the Intercostal Water Way.


DryCASE makes these in multiple sizes including one that is large enough for a tablet. This really is a very cool product and one that will not break the bank at $40 for the DryCASE and $35 for DryBUDs Sport. Considering the cost of replacing a phone or a tablet this the cost of a DryCASE is very minimal.We will be sure to pack the DryCASE and DryBUDs on each camping trip from now on, it is simply that good of a product.

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  • Comment Link Yutaka Kou Yutaka Kou 25 October 2017

    i seem to recall that the Dry Bud Sport headset comes with a built in microphone. did the microphone still work after being submerged?
    i have had $15 sweatproof headsets that could still play music after being submerged so that's nothing special, but the microphone on those headsets never survived


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