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What Are The Most Important Inventions Of The Last 25 Years To Consumers?

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Popular Science, a famous magazine and portal dedicated to the popularization of science wants to know which invention, in the opinion of fans of science and technology marked the last 25 years. This survey will not affect the award of Nobel Prize, but its goal is to find out how ordinary people look to technological inventions and products that are most frequently cited in the media. This means that some of these suggestions may not be in line with what scientists and engineers considered the greatest achievements of science and technology.

In addition, it should be noted that the survey is rather "Americanized" because the candidates are many who mean a lot more to U.S. citizens than to the rest of the world's population.

The options that you can vote on were divided into 4 groups with two subgroups, Vehicles, Electronics, Science and Technology, and the Internet. Voters express their opinion on whether they value the Toyota Prius or ISS, or whether Google Maps major invention is better from the iTunes App Store. The survey is at the moment in the second of five rounds. Right now it is through to the second round and has passed mostly popular picks, for example the iPhone won over the Motorola StarTAC. You now will probably wonder what the hell is that Motorola thing, well it was the first flip design mobile phone which does make it sort of important. The Wii won over the Mosaic web browser that was the first that could display images in the same window with text, and did a great deal in popularizing the World Wide Web (you probably know it as “The Internet”).
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[Ed – popular surveys are not always the best indication of important technology. Although the iPhone was an important step in the evolution of the “smart” phone there were companies with similar products long before the iPhone came out. These were aimed at businesses so the consumer missed out on them. By comparison, Apple’s iPhone with the included “iPod” features was sure to hit big with the very media oriented consumer market. Still it will be interesting to see what we end up with from the consumer’s view…]

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