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Wii U is not slow, Oles was misunderstood

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After last week one of the main developers for 4A Games Oles Shishkovtsov "shocked" the public by saying that the Wii U has a "desperate, slow processor", the media filled many columns with his reckless words. Obviously Nintendo did not like that, appears to have sent a letter of protest to THQ or threatened them in some way because the spokesman of the mentioned publishing house, and also of 4A Games Huw Beynon immediately responded in a much more passive tone.

Beynon said that Oles is a programmer and that his comment was in reference to Metro: Last Light which is strongly dependent on the platform's processor. Oles thought the game would be very difficult to adjust to the console. Beynon continued stating that the processing is possible and that developers use a variety of tricks to publish their titles on Wii, but he does not know whether Metro: Last Light will ever take hold on due to the aforementioned requirements.

In other words: The Wii is a great console, Oles has no idea, and the Earth is still turning. Even though sales are doing quite well for the Nintendo Wii U, Atari’s founder was not impressed by it “I actually am baffled by it. I don’t think it’s going to be a big success”, “These things will continue to sputter along, but I really don’t think they’ll be of major import ever again. It feels like the end of an era to me.”  It's hard to believe that it's the end of an era since sales continue to rise, he had similar thoughts for the original Wii and those turned out to be false. Hopefully for Nintendo they will continue in the same path, selling out all available consoles.

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