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Will Amazon get .book domain or not?

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ICANN discusses about who to assign new management domains (a total of 1930 potential new domains are in the pool), and Amazon has applied for multiple domains, including .book. It is quite clear why this domain is of extreme importance to many, including Amazon’s rival Barnes & Noble, which reported earlier this month to ICANN, saying that Amazon should not be permitted to handle the domain.a

Because of domain .book the nonprofit organization of writers Authors Guild also made a statement through its president Scott Turow. He told that placing such a generic domain (including domains such as .author or .read) into private hands is anticompetitive and that also presents the abuse of countless possibilities.

The Association of American Publishers Association also had something to say. They stated their view of the situation saying that allowing private companies managing such a domain would reverse the purpose for which all of the new top-level domains are introduced and that it would not belong to the field of public interest anymore. They also mentioned something that is quite obvious here, that Amazon wants to manage the domain solely because of their business interests.

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