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Friday, 14 September 2012 19:59

Will Demonoid come back in the future

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With all of the hype going on around recent news conferences from big companies (like Intel, Microsoft and Apple), not so many people noticed that Demonoid’s domain name servers were updated.  Even though that doesn’t mean they are coming back it is still a small sign that they are not completely dead. Demonoid's tech admin said that they are “not looking into putting the site back up at the moment.” The Site was taken down last month after they were DDoS-ed. Demonoid was hosted in the Ukraine and local authorities stated that Interpol asked them to take action against the site owners that were in Mexico.

Since the servers were shut down there has been absolutely no sign of life from Demonoid, but that changed few days ago when's name server switched from to Apparently this might have been only to get their e-mail servers working. A similar issue happened back in 2007 when the site went down for a couple of months, but then came back to the path of glory in 2008.  Back then they were down due to threats from the CRIA.

Although it is likely that Demonoid won’t come back in near future, maybe again in few months, “We are down, and we’re not looking into putting the site back up at the moment” a Demonoid admin said. Do they plan a big comeback like Megaupload is announcing? Let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait too long for that to happen. Everyone likes big trackers and when they are public they get even more love. So far their future is not very bright, but there is still a small chance that they will come back, and hopefully the will.

[Ed – There is a lot of talk going on about how to create secure services for torrents, magnets and even more basic file sharing. Although Hollywood has made a big push to kill these sites off it is only a matter of time before they come back. We have seen this game played out multiple times over the years and it always happens. All the copyright industry ends up doing is alienating potential customers and looking like the bad guy. There is little chance that they (the MPAA and RIAA) will ever stop though, they simply love the power and money too much…]

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