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Will Half Life 3 be announced at Gamescom?

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There is a new and exciting rumor that Valve might make some sort of announcement about Half Life 3. This is possibly one of the most anticipated sequels there is. The franchise that was kicked off by the little known Valve and published by Sierra Games quickly won fame for its game play, graphics, immersive storyline and unforgettable characters. Not the least of these characters is the hero Gordon Freeman. Half Life sparked multiple spin-offs and mods including Portal which features rival Aperture Science. 

Previously there have been little hints coming from Valve about the possibility of a new installment in the Half Life series, but nothing firm. Even now there is nothing concrete about the new rumor except for a listing of Half Life 3 from Valve in a pdf found on Gamescom’s website (it was found by Does this mean that we might see real proof of the next chapter in Gordon Freeman’s life?  In addition to the entry in the Gamecom pdf, Game Informer has stated that they are delaying publication to cover a major announcement. I think that the announcement of Half Life 3 would count as major wouldn’t you?

On the down side Eurogamer is claiming that they have been told the listing was a mistake but received no more information about the inclusion. We would certainly love to see what Valve has been working on with Half Life 3. Although it has been a very long time since the last installment of Half Life this is not out or pattern for Valve as they also worked very hard to Keep Half Life 2 a secret.  

We will be keeping a very close watch on this and let you know if we hear any additional information about the possible Half Life 3 announcement.

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