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Will the Next Battlefield will be something completely new?

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Earlier this week across the internet rumors have spread about the new Battlefield that suggested a new game named Battlefield Hardline and that it will be delivered by the creative minds behind Dead Space games - Visceral Games. Shortly fter came the official confirmation from Electronic Arts, which has promised that despite the fact that the new BF will not be another product of DICE studio, fans of the series will get a good game.

Battlefield Hardline Real Gameplay from resdog on Vimeo.

Battlefield Hardline will be a real spin-off of the Battlefield franchise and will put us in the midst of fighting between police and criminals. The game comes with a brand new multiplayer where we have the opportunity to play four modes; Heist, in which one party attempts to blow up the safe and sail away to a better life with a bunch of money while the other side is trying to prevent them from doing that; Rescue, in which the SWAT team to tries to rescue the hostages detained during a failed robbery attempt; Hotwire, where police cars are chasing thieves in a huge open area and Bloodmoney in which criminals and Blues fight for a bunch of money that they want to provide to their hideout.

With the multiplayer there is a single-player campaign that will according to the development team "revitalize" series and fix the situation from past games in which singleplayer was the weakest link.

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