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Window 9 Start Menu Allegedly Shown Off in Leaked Video

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As the title of this article suggests there is another new video on the internet that claims to show the Windows 9 menu and how it all works. The appearance of the video comes on the heels of more than one alleged screen shot and some other items that have leaked from Microsoft themselves. As we all know Microsoft has a lot riding on the next version of Windows simply because of the lack of consumer acceptance that Windows 8.x has had.

One of the biggest areas of contention was (and still is) the start menu. Microsoft had though that moving to a tile based start screen similar to what you might get on a tablet or phone would be appealing to everyone. However, desktop and many laptop users were not all that happy with the shift and have let their displeasure be known. This prompted Microsoft to make a few subtle changes with the Windows 8.1 update. This update included the ability to boot to the desktop mode and also a start button. That trick did not work and Microsoft dove back into the development pool to try and find a solution.

At one point Microsoft had hinted that a revised start menu would return in the next update to Windows 8. However as time moved on and we started to spill over into the end of the development cycle for Windows 9 Microsoft pulled the plug on that possibility. That is when the screen shots and leaks started about a new start menu for Windows 9.

From the beginning the rumor was that the replacement start menu would be a hybrid of the traditional menu and the start screen. Microsoft loves the live tile concept so most felt they would try to find a way to force that in. So far the leaked screen shots and now this video seem to confirm that move. You will be getting something that is a little more familiar, but with a new twist on it. Microsoft is not ditching the start screen and if you are into that sort of thing you can still enable it for use, but for a large number of users the return of a real start menu will be a welcome change. The third-party developers that have made a ton of money on replacements will not be happy, but maybe consumers will.

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