Wednesday29 March 2023

Windows 8 second on Steam

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Because of the Windows Store, fearing for their own distribution service Steam, Valve's director Gabe Newell has once claimed that Windows 8 is a disaster unlike he has seen before and that user will definitely want to replace it with something better. In the meantime, the market has punished Microsoft's bad marketing, and Newell has released Steam for OSX and Linux, making them very interesting alternatives to Windows.

However, it seems that even with horrible sales of Windows 8, the thing on the games market is much better for Microsoft than it initially seemed. Windows XP fell below 8%, but Windows 7 rose for the fantastic 52.39%, but in recent times, and Windows 8 marked growth to 13.34% as second most widely used operating system, followed closely only by a 32-bit version of Windows 7.
Among the players Mac OS is quite rare with only about 4%, while combined Linux distributions are still far behind with around 1% share. Table still says that Newell was wrong, and given the ultimatums with DirectX that Microsoft has the freedom to demand, we believe that the situation for "a new vista" will only be getting better.

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