Tuesday29 November 2022

Windows 8 store reaches 13,000 apps

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The Windows 8 online store is growing bigger every day and so far they have reached a promising milestone. With all the Windows 8 devices coming out, it was just a matter of time before the apps accumulated; now they have 13,000 applications in their application store. In the past 8 days there was almost three thousand applications added, this means that it grew at a rate of 362 applications per day.

They note that all applications are not yet available in all markets, so some of users may not have access to all of these 13,000 applications. It should be noted that the growth trend has slowed down, because in the early days of the Windows 8 Store the app number grew at a rate of 500 per day. However, the 362 applications per day rate is not small; so if the trend continues, it means that the W8 Store will have around 10,000 new apps monthly.

Of course, the total amount of applications is still small compared to mobile platforms (like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone ), but they have been on the market much longer - Windows Phone has more than 120,000 applications, for example, and  Android has recently crossed the 700,000 application mark. Some of the most popular ones found in the Windows Store are TuneIn Radio which gives access to more than 70,000 internet radio stations, Xbox SmartGlass which links your Xbox360 with your PC, making it a second screen and a remote controller for the gaming Platform. There is also Fresh Paint that gives you the ability to paint with all five fingers at the same time in addition to some of the standard ones such as Skype, AccuWeather and of  course Angry Birds.

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