Wednesday01 February 2023

Windows Phone 8.1 Brings a new “Action Center” to the Table

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The next upgrade of the Windows Phone 8.1 should be launched in early April. One of the features that the OS currently lacks is the so-called center for notifications. In the Microsoft implementation, the functionality will be called the Action Center, and now they leaked the first images of the display screen.

Similar to competing mobile operating systems, Action Center will appear when user moves his finger from the top edge of the screen. The first stage will discover quick access to settings, with 4 sections in total, and settings will be defined by the user (eg. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Driving Mode etc.). In addition, the battery percentage will also be shown, and the ability to access all settings will be offered.
Another view would offer grouped list of notification. According to information from the internal Microsoft presentations, notification will depending on the importance occur in the Action Center and without sound or notification at the top of the screen. It is expected that Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially unveiled at the BUILD conference in early April.

[Ed - Looks like Microsoft is doing the same thing Apple did, copying Android... yet both Microsoft an Apple continue to try and sue Google to cpoying them... Odd that.]

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