Sunday26 March 2023

World of Tanks comes to Xbox 360

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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition will from January 31st become accessible to a lesser extent of the previous beta testers, and over the next few days should first take hold of one, and then spread to other regions of the world.


The official release of the beta version also means a stats restart the players who participated in the beta, and Wargaming on the official website noted that it is standard procedure for MMO titles after leaving the stage of beta testing. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition will be available to the owners of Xbox Live accounts on a trial period of seven days, while unrestricted access to the famous free-to-play title opens with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

Judging by previous statements from Wargaming, possible Xbox One edition of World of Tanks will depend on the success of the Xbox 360 edition of the famous MMO.

[Ed - it is interesting that WOT is heading to Xbox 360 and not the Xbox One at this point. It would seem that the developers are either a little behind the curve or they are looking for the biggest impact (financially). I guess we will see if their move pays off in the long run.]

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