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Xbox Entertainment Studios Might Not Be Dead Just Yet

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Hey, remember all of those rumors that Microsoft was thinking about selling the Xbox division to someone? Well it seems that there might have been a tiny bit of truth to the basic rumor, it is just that the actual Xbox division named was a tab bit off. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft is shuttering their Xbox Entertainment Studios, but it seems that they might not be going away.

According to a report floating around on the interwebs the division might actually be preparing for acquisition instead of closing. The plot line is that Warner Bothers might scoop up Xbox Entertainment Studios and make them a stand-alone entity. This would (possibly) allow them to continue to develop content for Microsoft’s console, but would not limit them to that particular platform.

The problem with the rumor is that while Warner Brothers are admitting that they are in talks with multiple companies right now they are saying that a deal with Xbox Entertainment Studios is unlikely at this stage. For the most part, this is perfectly fine with console gamers as they just want to play high-end games on their device. If it happens to act as a media player, that is cool, but it is certainly far from the reason they bought it.

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